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Unfortunately the scheme registration page is currently unavailable. If you wish to register for the scheme please email or call 024 7669 6996 ext. 3110. Thank you.


To submit your E-portfolio please email and your account will be locked for review



Upcoming Interview Dates 2018


5th, 18th, 19th April 

17th, 18th, 31st May

6th, 21st, 22nd June 

12th, 26th, 27th July 




For more information, FAQ's, guides, manuals and videos please select the BICS Information tab.

Bridge Inspectors are reminded that Highways England will mandate the Bridge Inspector Certification by November 2017. 



This is a competency based international certification scheme which has been developed by industry for industry to provide formalisation of knowledge and experience required by bridge inspectors.

This Scheme is promoted by the UK Bridges Board and the Irish National Roads Authority, supported by the Bridge Owners Forum. It is an international scheme (UK and Ireland) which will be used by roads, waterways and railway asset owners.

Your Skills Manager e-portfolio allows you to monitor and record information about existing skills, qualifications, training and Continued Professional Development.

Monitor: Skills, experience and achievements over a period of time to the required Achievement Rating.

 A Awareness

 General understanding of the
 competence including an appreciation
 of its relevance

 These apply to
 theory only

 K Knowledge Knowledge and understanding of the
 competence with an ability to
 demonstrate its relevance/application
 These apply to
 theory only
 E Experience Knowledge, understanding and
 experience of undertaking the
 These apply to
 practical application,
 as well as theory
 P Proficiency Knowledge, understanding and
 experience of undertaking the
 competence and competent to advise
 These apply to
 practical application,
 as well as theory


Record information: Upload reports, photographic evidence and add comments to support skills, experience and achievements.

Continued Professional Development: Maintain competency based skills record and identify skills gaps and training needs against current and potential career progression.

The Skills Manager e-portfolio is designed to assist in skills recognition and skills development both for employers and employees. The upskilling advantage of a greater skilled workforce resulting in productivity gains, increased competitiveness and greater assurance and compliance for customers flow from this.