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Unfortunately the scheme registration page is currently unavailable. If you wish to register for the scheme please email or call 024 7669 6996 ext. 3110. Thank you.

Please note that between 18th March and 10th April any input into section 2.4 of the portfolio may have resulted in synchronization issues.  We have now fixed this issue but you may have to re-input your summary into the correct section.



This is a competency based international certification scheme which has been developed by industry for industry to provide formalisation of knowledge and experience required by bridge inspectors.

This Scheme is promoted by the UK Bridges Board and the Irish National Roads Authority, supported by the Bridge Owners Forum. It is an international scheme (UK and Ireland) which will be used by roads, waterways and railway asset owners.

Your Skills Manager e-portfolio allows you to monitor and record information about existing skills, qualifications, training and Continued Professional Development.

Monitor: Skills, experience and achievements over a period of time to the required Achievement Rating.

Record information: Upload reports, photographic evidence and add comments to support skills, experience and achievements.

Continued Professional Development: Maintain competency based skills record and identify skills gaps and training needs against current and potential career progression.

The Skills Manager e-portfolio is designed to assist in skills recognition and skills development both for employers and employees. The upskilling advantage of a greater skilled workforce resulting in productivity gains, increased competitiveness and greater assurance and compliance for customers flow from this.


How do I register for the Scheme?

To submit your E-portfolio or Register for the scheme please email 

For more information, FAQ's, guides, manuals and videos please select the BICS Information tab.



18th of March 2019

E-Portfolio – What’s New?

We would like to advise all BICS Candidates that all the necessary updates to the e-Portfolio have now been made. Thank you for your patience whilst we were completing these. Please note that the changes have altered the e-Portfolio in the following ways:

• Many attainment levels have been reduced, therefore it will be easier to demonstrate that you meet a certain level and you will require less evidence.

• The wording of each section has been slightly altered to make it easier to follow.

• Some sections are labelled ‘NO LONGER REQUIRED’ – this means that you do not need to submit these or rank yourself against them. We do note that you may have completed these sections already and have some evidence against these. It would be advisable to copy and paste the evidence you already have in these section in a requisite new section.

• You have some new sections to complete. These are not ‘new’ in terms of new material, but a reworded section that has been moved to a different part of the eportfolio. Therefore, if you have already completed the e-portfolio previously these will not seem new to you and you would have likely have answered them already, you will need to copy and paste your answers in these new sections.

If you need help with anything or simply to discuss the changes please get in touch. More updates and frequently asked questions will follow.

Below are some of the questions we have received and what we have advised:

I wish to submit my e-Portfolio in the next month. Will I need to format it before I do so?

No, the Assessors are aware that some candidates have completed their e-Portfolio and are ready to submit but may be waiting for payments or for mentor to check their work. Therefore, there will be a short transition period where you will be able to submit your ePortfolio as it is and Assessors will review this as per the old requirements. Please note that the Assessor may get in touch with you to clarify certain points. However, please note that if you are considering submitting your e-portfolio at the end of April, please start changing the formatting to match the new requirements. We appreciate that this will impact on your time, however the changes have been made to reflect the requests and feedback received from you, therefore we have no doubt that it will aid all candidates going forward.

Some of my data has been migrated to different parts of the ePortfolio? 

We appreciate that your e-Portfolio looks different to it’s previous version! However, the new wording has simplified the questions and has made it easier to complete! The sections that are no longer required have been left in, to allow the candidates to eventually migrate the data. The new sections that have been created are based on those sections that are no longer required. Therefore, you will need to move the information contained in those sections that are no longer required to one of the new sections. Please note the changes in attainment level where necessary, as many have now been reduced requiring less evidence. If you are not sure, please get in touch. We would be happy to assist you with your ePortfolio changes.

March 2019

Please note that the changes discussed in the February 2019 update will now take place on Monday 18th of March and not Friday 15th of March. 

Please use the site as normal on Friday 15th of March. 

Please refrain from using the site on Monday 18th of March due to on-going maintenance whilst the changes take place. 

February 2019

E-Portfolio UPDATES will be implemented on 15th of March 2019

    Dear all BICS users 

 Please note that your E-Portfolio will be updated on 15th of March to reflect the feedback that we have received from you.

Predominantly we will be re-wording some sections to make it easier for Candidates to understand and adhere to proposed instructions. In addition, various sections will be coming down in ranking, which means you will need to demonstrate a lower self-ranking level.

We have also decided to split up some sections, which means you may see *new* sections, however these have been split up from the original sections to make it easier for Candidates to discuss certain aspects. We are not adding new section requesting new information!

The full discussion of what will be changing is outlined on Lantra BICS Website where you can download the full document.  

What does this mean for me if I have started my E-Portfolio?

If you have started your E-Portfolio, you will notice some ‘NEW’ sections, that have been separated from the sections that you have already completed. These 'new' sections will be clearly marked.

Please read through the ‘new’ sections and copy and paste from your main section any information that you feel directly answers that particular question.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Thank you for all the great feedback that you have provided over the years and hopefully we can continue to make progress together.


January 2019

Lantra have arranged the following Free Workshops to assist Candidates with their e-Portfolios. New applicants and existing Candidates are welcome. 

Attendance at the Workshop is free and lunch/snacks/coffees will be provided free of charge on the day. 

If you would like to reserve a space for you and your company, please get in touch with Erin Harper on 

November 2018

September 2018

The new mandate date for Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme has been issued by Highways England. The new date is 1st June 2019. 


August 2018