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Bridge Inspector Scheme



Welcome to the Bridge Inspection Certification Scheme the only national certification scheme for bridge inspectors. The scheme is supported by both the UK Bridges Board and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formally the National Roads Authority Ireland). The scheme has been developed to fully recognise the importance of bridge inspections, and subsequently the quality of bridge inspectors. A competent bridge inspector is ultimately an enabler of effective asset management.

The scheme is self-financing, and inspectors will be subject to an annual subscription fee similar to other professional qualifications.

The scheme is an online modular system creating a flexible system to match your skills. As a minimum you are required to complete the core section and a one other specialist section either masonry metallic or concrete. It is competency based portfolio system where you need to upload evidence to demonstrate your level of competence against set outcomes.

You can purchase further modules at a later date or opt to complete the entire portfolio from the outset.

There are two levels Bridge Inspector and Senior Bridge Inspector (for more experienced inspectors) and you can enter at either level, or enter at Bridge Inspector level progress to Senior.

This Scheme is promoted by the UK Bridges Board and the Irish National Roads Authority, supported by the Bridge Owners Forum. It is an international scheme (UK and Ireland) which will be used by roads, waterways and railway asset owners. Your Skills+ e-portfolio allows you to monitor and record information about existing skills, qualifications, training and Continued Professional Development.

Monitor: Skills, experience and achievements over a period of time to the required Achievement Rating.

Record information: Upload reports, photographic evidence and add comments to support skills, experience and achievements.

Continued Professional Development: Maintain competency-based skills record and identify skills gaps and training needs against current and potential career progression.

The Skills+ e-portfolio is designed to assist in skills recognition and skills development both for employers and employees. The upskilling advantage of a greater skilled workforce resulting in productivity gains, increased competitiveness and greater assurance and compliance for customers flow from this.

The benefits of the scheme include:

  • An increase in the profile of bridge inspectors via the introduction of a recognised scheme across the UK and Ireland;
  • An increase in the quality of bridge inspections resulting from improved levels of consistency in the reported results from inspections and hence a greater level of confidence;
  • A reduction in risk for bridge owners due to evidence of competence and best practice;
  • Cost savings as a result of minimised rework and the ability to better prioritise limited maintenance budgets; and
  • Increased flexibility for organisations in moving inspection staff around and sharing them with other sectors.

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